Friday, 9 December 2016

How to Decide Between Solar And Wind Power

Myrtle Beach Homes - Both solar and wind power are renewable, so they make great alternative energy sources. Some people are confused about the differences between the two since they both are environmentally friendly. Well, if your biggest reason to switch to an alternative energy is because you want to save the environment, then either choice is good. However, you should know in detail the cost of each type of energy. In general, there is no competition between wind and solar because they are exceptionally great for the environment compared to fossil fuels. However, most of us would still favor the one that provides the highest return.

solar and wind power

solar and wind power

First of all, let's figure out the differences between these two energy sources. As we all know, solar power relies completely on sunlight. This means if you live in an area that receives plenty of sunlight all year round, this will benefit you more. A solar power system is comprised of solar panels. Those panels are the ones responsible for absorbing sunlight. Before installing a solar power system, you should first choose a location. The panels can be placed anywhere, but some people prefer to place them on the rooftop because that's where sunlight doesn’t get blocked. The sunlight will hit the surfaces and the absorbed electrons will be converted into electricity.

Another reason to put them on the rooftop is because the panels are heavy enough that they can reinforce the structure of the building. Some people find this placement unpleasant at all, so they switch to a ground-based PV system. Assuming that you prefer the second option, then it is important to realize the downsides. Take away all the things that create shades. Therefore, the sunlight doesn’t get blocked. The higher the elevation, the better it is for the solar panels. You will not constantly deal with shading issues. Another important requirement is the clear skies. Even when the panels are high quality, it will be pointless if the skies are cloudy. The clouds prevent the sunlight from reaching the panels. There is nothing we can do about it, though. Just wait until the clouds go away.

solar and wind power comparison

solar and wind power comparison

However, you can help by avoiding buildings and cutting down trees around the panels. Wind power doesn’t have shading issues because it doesn’t need sunlight. If you have a solar system installed at home, try to best to not let the panels become shaded or the production will decrease. In the meantime, taking advantage of wind power means you should get a wind turbine. We believe you know what it looks like already. There are areas where the wind blows day after day and the velocity is higher. If the wind rushes through, then it is a better idea to utilize wind energy.

The placement of a wind turbine is another big concern. You would need to place it on a site where the wind blows hard but with minimal turbulence. As for trees and buildings, they can also create a problem. They are enemies to solar power since they create shadows. They are similarly problematic for wind power, but for a different reason. Trees and buildings reduce wind speed. They act as barriers that increase the resistance to wind flow. For this reason, it is never a good idea to build a turbine on a site that is surrounded by trees. That's the comparison between solar and wind power.


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