Thursday, 1 December 2016

Inspiration Design for Small Balcony and Narrow Terrace

Inspiration Design for Small Balcony and Narrow Terrace. Minimalist terrace with narrow size is confusing for decoration. Important elements such as chairs, tables and greenery of course you want to present on the front porch or the back of the house.

but simple housing does not have a large enough portion to establish garden lounging lush. But do not worry, with the selection and arrangement of furniture is lightweight pots right, you can present a beautiful outdoor area on the balcony or terrace minimalist.

#1 Swedish-style outdoor area below was gorgeous applied in your studio apartment balcony are all minimal. Enough with one set of tables and chairs outdoor, you can fill the rest of the area with beautiful roses in pots or containers.

#2 To the front porch of a house a little better, do not hesitate putting rattan sofa with bedside table and some comfortable cushions on the headboard.

#3 Another inspiration for the small balcony at the front of your house you can put furniture is compact with a minimalist frame to fit accommodates a maximum of three people to get together.

#4 For those who like to relax with a cup of tea and coffee outside the home, then a set of outdoor dining table fit perfectly placed on the balcony of the house. Select material resistant aluminum and wood from the rain and heat.

#5 Glad to read a book while sprawled legs outdoors? then we are the tips of your outdoor area must be filled with lots of pillows and thin mattresses on the floor to relax.

#6 For the front porch, a set of chairs and a folding table alone is perfect for welcoming guests.

#7 This apartment balcony looks quite spacious for you to put some furniture. For inspiration, echoes some ideas such as: garden chairs were filled by pillows. The pillow then juxtaposed with different plants.

#8 For those who like to collect mini plant, for greenhouses from glass cabinet shelves are stuffed full by a variety of crops.


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